Code Structure

Chat Page : knob/chat.php file Login Page : knob/signin.php file CSS Files : gem/tone folder JS Files : gem/mine folder Images & Uploaded files : gem/ore folder User Uploaded files : gem/ore/grupo/files folder Third party scripts & fonts : riches folder Grupo Functions : door folder Login Functions : door/grlogin/load.php file User Functions : door/user/load.php file List Functions : door/grlist/load.php file Database Functions : door/db/load.php file Password Hashing Methods : door/guard/load.php file User Database Tables : gr_users,gr_profiles,gr_options Login Sessions Database Table : gr_sessions,gr_utrack


You can change the layout, font, text color, background, font-size, message alignment or add Custom CSS via our Inbuilt Customizer Click on  icon Select Appearance Select or input your preferred values Click on the Update Button Clear your browser & CDN (Cloudflare) cache once you have updated the settings.