• Click on Menu icon
  • Select Settings
  • Replace “Email Address”, “Sender Name”, “SMTP Authentication”, “SMTP Host”, “SMTP User”, “SMTP Password”, “SSL/TLS (SMTP Protocol)”, “SMTP Port” with yours
  • Click on the Update Button

If your email is not working check these tips on how to fix it :

  1. Please make sure you have scheduled the Cron Jobs
  2. Download & extract mailtest.zip
  3. Upload mailtest.php file to Grupo “knob” folder
  4. Open mailtest.php in your favorite editor & replace [email protected] with the one randomly generated in mail-tester.com
  5. Now visit <yourgrupodomain>/mailtest/ using your web browser & Find the extact issue you are facing
  6. If the mails are send check your mail score in mail-tester.com
  7. Delete mailtest.php file from Grupo “knob” folder once the issue is fixed