Important : You must backup all your existing Grupo files & database before upgrading to latest version. We are not responsible for the loss of any data. Don’t skip any Step.

  1. Download the latest version from Codecanyon Downloads.
  2. Unzip the contents of the zip file to a folder on your computer.
  3. Do the following actions in your hosting server.
    • Replace door folder
    • Replace knob folder
    • Replace riches folder
    • Replace gem/mine folder
    • Replace gem/tone folder
    • Replace gem/.htaccess file (For Ngnix Servers Replace the rewrite rules with the one provided above – Rewrite Rules)
    • Replace gem/ore/.htaccess file
    • Replace or copy gem/ore/grupo/icons folder
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/global/offline.jpg file (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/global/icon192.png file (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/global/icon512.png file (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/stickers folder (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/radiostations/ folder (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Copy gem/ore/grupo/loginproviders/ folder (IF NOT EXISTS)
    • Delete knob/install.php file
    • Replace or copy pwabuilder-sw.js file
  4. Clear your Browser cache & CDN (Cloudflare) cache (If Any).
  5. Now visit <yourgrupodomain>/update/ using your web browser
  6. Once completed login to Grupo as Admin
  7. Once the Grupo Cache Rebuild is completed, you must clear your Browser cache & CDN (Cloudflare) cache (If Any).
  8. Login to Grupo as Admin. Update Roles & Settings to enable/disable new features.
    • Menu > Roles > (Adminstrator,Verified,etc) Options > Edit > Tick/Untick New Features
    • Menu > Settings > Update