Most current web servers (Shared, Cloud, VPS & Dedicated) with PHP & MySQL installed will be capable of running Grupo PHP chat script.

Need help with installation? Don’t worry, We do provide free Grupo installation services. Once you have purchased Grupo, contact us via [email protected]

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 7.4 or higher. (We recommend using PHP 8.0 or higher)
  • Apache or NGINX or Lite Speed
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • DOM PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • MBString PHP Extension
  • Exif PHP Extension
  • GD PHP Extension
  • IMAP PHP Extension
  • PCRE PHP Extension
  • Json PHP Extension
  • FileInfo PHP Extension
  • Zip PHP Extension
  • mod_rewrite or NGINX rewrite rules
  • SSL Certificate – (Required for Voice Messages)
  • Enable Output Buffering (Optional)
  • Imagick Extension (Optional)
  • FFmpeg (Optional)

Note : As of 28 Nov 2021, PHP 7.4 will no longer be actively supported by the PHP community. That’s why you should upgrade to a newer version now.

PHP 8 provides improved code execution performance and will expand and improve over time. Better comparisons will get rid of frequent bugs and unexpected behaviors that often plague PHP developers. Resulting Increased Speed and optimized performance.

Note : If your server is operating with Apache 2.2 or an earlier version and encountering a 500 internal error : 1) Download the “” archive and extract its contents. 2) Upload and overwrite the “.htaccess” file located within the “Grupo” directory on your server. 3) Upload and replace the “.htaccess” file situated in the “assets” subfolder within the “Grupo” directory on your server.