When an email is not delivered to a recipient, several reasons could be the cause.

  1. Enable SMTP Authentication
    Click on Menu > Select Settings > Select Email Settings
  2. Check the SMTP Credentials you have provided
  3. Click on Menu > Select Settings > Select Email Settings
  4. Check with a different SMTP protocol & Port
    For eg : TLS 587 or TLS 25
  5. Validate your SMTP Details
    Login as Grupo admin & Visit yourgrupowebaddress/validate_smtp/ via your browser

Why are my emails going to spam? :

Most email service providers use complex anti-spam filters. These filters usually determine which email is SPAM based on their experience and practices. Some of the most common reason for emails to end up as SPAM are:

  1. The originating domain name – your domain – is on a blacklist.
  2. The mail server’s IP address is blacklisted.
  3. Your local IP address, assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider, might be on a blacklist as well.
  4. The recipient mail host might require additional validation, such as the existence of SPF or DKIM for your domain.
  5. Custom anti-spam filters applied by the recipient email host might also end up rejecting an email based on its contents (subject, body, attachments, etc.).

You can Test the Spammyness of your Emails on Mail-Tester

Your hosting or email provider can assist you with configuring your mail server.